Saturday, 28 November 2009

Rainbow & Maagiri dives

Last night’s night dive abive was more of the same, plenty of featherstars feeding on coral heads. I led Sheryl and the three new girls on a tour from the wreck to the second buoy which they seemed to enjoy, there was plenty of giggling. The most interesting part of the dive was the life in the wreck viewed through the hole which sunk it – large moray, grouper & clams covered with red and orange sponge.

The first dive today at Rainbow Giri above gave us wonderful soft corals and a plethora of fish, including Emperor angelfish, the largest of the beautifully coloured fish, and Clowne triggerfish, the most exotic of the reef fish.

The second dive at Maagiri caves above was notable for Moral eels. One coral head housed 3 Honeycomb morays and 2 brown morays.

The afternoon dive below was a gentle drift dive which everyone enjoyed.

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