Thursday, 26 November 2009

Bandos, Maldives - arrived in paradise!

Over 25 of us arrived yesterday from various parts of the world, mostly Saudi. Our BA direct flight from Gatwick was great, under 10 hours, coach was empty. We did 2 afternoon dives, and this morning most of our divers saw manta rays at Lankan Reef. On the dive we met Ali, a favourite divemaster. He stared at me, I started at him, took my regulator out and grinned. We then did an underwater hug and I called Adel over for more of the same and photos. Ali is with a safari boat so amazing coincidence to see him underwater and recognise each other. He left Bandos 3 years ago. Weather is great, not very humid, sea calm as can be this afternoon for a Banana Reef dive where I took loads of fish photos. It promises to be another great Maldives tour.

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