Tuesday, 7 July 2020

The Herald and the Campion

The Herald, Scoliopteryx libatrix
We had 16 moth species last night and 3 the previous night: Bee Moth, Bright-line Brown-eye, Brimstone Moth, Brown-tail, Buff-tip, Campion, Common Footman, Common Pug, Dark Arches, Poplar Grey, Riband Wave, Silver Y, Swallow Prominent, The Herald, The Nutmeg, The Uncertain, White-line Dart and an unidentified Veneer. Plus a Caddisfly  (Limnephilus lunatus).
Bee Moth, Aphomia sociella

Bright-line Brown-eye, Lacanobia oleracea 

Brimstone Moth, Opisthograptis luteolata 

Brown-tail female, Euproctis chrysorrhoea 

Brown-tail male, Euproctis chrysorrhoea 

Buff-tip, Phalera bucephala 

Caddisfly, Limnephilus lunatus

Common Footman, Eilema lurideola

Common Pug, Eupithecia vulgata

Dark Arches, Apamea monoglypha 

Poplar Grey, Subacronicta megacephala 

Riband Wave, Idaea aversata 

Silver Y, Autographa gamma

Swallow Prominent, Pheosia tremula 

The Herald, Scoliopteryx libatrix
Campion, Sideridis rivularis

The Nutmeg, Anarta trifolii 

The Uncertain, Hoplodrina octogenaria 

unidentified veneer

White-line Dart, Euxoa tritici 

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