Saturday, 4 July 2020

Purple Hairstreak at Knepp

Purple Hairstreak female, Favonius quercus
I returned to Knepp Estate on July 2nd in search of more micromoths. Instead I saw plenty of butterflies: Comma, Green-veined White, Large Skipper, Essex Skipper, Marbled White, Gatekeeper. Aa I walked back to my car I spotted Neil Hulme photographing something on the path. It was a freshly emerged female Purple Hairstreak, a rare find. He kindly allowed me to take some photos before placing it out of harm's way on a leaf. On the odd occasion the sun appeared the butterfly started opening its wings and I left Neil waiting for the perfect photo opportunity.
Azure Damselfly male, Coenagrion puella 

Blotch-winged Hoverfly, Leucozona lucorum 

Common Marble, Celypha lacunana

Essex Skipper, Thymelicus lineola

Gatekeeper, Pyronia tithonus 

Green-veined White, Pieris napi 

Large Skipper male, Ochlodes sylvanus 

 male Large Skippers, Ochlodes sylvanus 

Leafhopper, Cicadellidae species 

Marbled White, Melanargia galathea 

Mirid bug nymph 

Neil Hulme with Purple Hairstreak
Purple Hairstreak female, Favonius quercus 

Purple Hairstreak female, Favonius quercus 

Purple Hairstreak female, Neozephyrus quercus

Red Bug, Deraeocoris ruber 

Semaphore Fly, Poecilobothrus nobilitatus 

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