Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Nettle Weevils, a Green Tortoise Beetle and woodland moths

Small Purple and Gold, Pyrausta aurata
On Monday afternoon I visited Rewell Wood then Hougton Forest and found plenty of interesting insects. This included 3 species of tiny (3mm) weevils on nettle leaves. I also spotted 3 species of mating insects: Birch Shieldbugs, Hemp-agrimony Plume moths and Small Nettle Weevils.
Rewell Wood:
14-spot Ladybird, Propylea 14-punctata
Birch Shieldbugs mating, Elasmostethus interstinctus
side view of Birch Shieldbugs mating
Bird's-foot Trefoil, Lotus corniculatus
Bright Bell, Eucosma hohenwartiana
Cocksfoot Moth, Glyphipterix simpliciella on spider web
Common Earwig, Forficula auricularia
Crab Spider, Misumena vatia with Honey bee, Apis mellifera
False Oil Beetle, Oedemera nobilis

Green Lacewing, Chrysopa perla
Hairy Shieldbug, Dolycoris baccarum
Hemp-agrimony Plume, Adaina microdactyla
Ichneumon wasp, male, Agrothereutes abbreviatus
Little Thorn, Cepphis advenaria
Meadow Grey, Scoparia pyralella
Meadow Grey
Nettle Weevil, Phyllobius pomaceus
Nettle Weevil
many insects and spiders scuttle round to the other side of a plant stem or leaf when they spot you.
Opomyzid fly, Opomyza germinationis
Hemp-agrimony Plume, Adaina microdactyla
Red Piercer, Lathronympha strigana
rust on leaf tip
Spider, Metellina species
Vetch Piercer, Grapholita jungiella
Weevil, Cionus alauda, 3mm
When Weevils are disturbed they often drop to the ground as a defensive reaction. Many beetles do this. They stay still for some time, mimicking a seed, then waggle their legs to turn over. 
leg waggling
Cionus alauda trots off
2nd tiny Weevil, Cionus hortulanus, 3mm
Cionus hortulanus
Houghton Forest:
Click beetle, Dalopius marginatus
Common Garden Slug, Arion distinctus
micro moth, Epiblema species
Green Tortoise Beetle, Cassida viridis
Green Tortoise Beetle
Green Tortoise Beetle
Hairy Shieldbug, Dolycoris baccarum
Hemp-agrimony Plumes mating, Adaina microdactyla

Nursery Web Spider, Pisaura mirabilis
Rove beetle, Tachyporus hypnorum
3rd tiny weevil:
Small Nettle Weevils mating, Nedyus quadrimaculatus

rear of Small Nettle Weevils mating
Turnip Sawfly, Athalia rosae
Wasp  - id needed, plus pollen beetles

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