Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Arundel micros

Comfrey Ermel, Ethmia quadrillella
On Sunday I visited Arundel again early evening and found plenty of insects and other micros, including another Comfrey Ermel moth.
Alderfly, Sialis lutaria
Barbed Mesh-weaver, Dictyna uncinata
tiny beetle, Epuraea aestiva
Chironomid Midge
Comfrey Ermel, Ethmia quadrillella
Common Nettle-tap larva, Anthophila fabriciana
Common Nettle-tap larva
Crab Spider, Misumena vatia
Crucifer Shield Bug, Eurydema oleracea
Dagger fly, Empis stercorea
Dock Bug, Coreus marginatus
Dock Bug
unidentified object on nettle leaf
Chironomid Midge, Ablabesmyia species
Chironomid Midge
Green Shieldbug eggs under nettle leaf, Palomena prasina
Hoverfly, Xylota sylvarum
Metellina species
Orange Ladybird, Halyzia sedecimguttata
plume moth
Scorpion fly, Panorpa species
moth larva

Soldier beetle, Malthodes marginatus
Common Sac Spider, Clubiona reclusa
White-lipped Snail, Cepaea hortensis

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