Sunday, 6 January 2013

Romulus and Remus

We had a club metal detecting dig this morning and three coins were found. Mine was a Roman Commemorative coin showing a she-wolf with  Romulus and Remus.
There are patches of silver showing on the reverse, showing that it was silver coated, which accounts for its good condition compared with many Roman coins.

It commemorates  the time that Constantinople, the ’New Rome’, was founded. The coin was struck at Treveri  (Trier, Germany) during the reign of Constantine I (the Great) AD331-3

The coin is known as a Rome Commemorative AE3. AE is an abbreviation of AES, Latin for base metal coinage and 3 is the size range of the coin, 17-21 mm
Obverse Description: Helmeted bust of Roma left, wearing imperial mantle.      
Obverse Legend: VRBS ROMA (Urbs Roma = City of Rome)

Reverse Description: She-wolf standing left, suckling Romulus and Remus; two stars above;
Mint mark is TR•S meaning Treveri

Weight: 1.82g, diameter: 17.29mm max, thickness: 1.57mm

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I also found an interesting fungus growing from the straw in the field. Id welcomed please:

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