Saturday, 26 January 2013

Goldcrests and Kingfishers

This morning the sky was blue so I answered the call of the Goldcrests at Arundel. There were a few showing on the conifers and on the leaf litter. Neil was also there and in the afternoon we wandered round the Wildlife and Wetland Trust to see the Kingfishers and Snipe that Gary reported. We saw two Kingfishers, mostly in the distance. One gave us a lovely sighting when it flew in a circle in front of the Sand Martin hide, but it didn't land.
Treecreeper, Carthia familiaris
Grey Wagtail, Motacilla cinerea

Goldcrest, Regulus regulus 

Emperor Goose, Chen Canagicus
Kingfisher, Alcedo atthis
Kingfisher, Alcedo atthis
Mute Swan, Cygnus olor
Moorhen, Gallinula chloropus 
Red-breasted Goose, Branta Ruficollis 
Robin, Erithacus rubecula 
Shelduck, Tadorna tadorna
Snipe, Gallinago gallinago 
Lesser White-fronted Goose, Anser erythropus

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