Thursday, 16 August 2012

Roesel's Bush-cricket

Meadow Brown, Maniola jurtina
This afternoon I visited a site where female Brown Hairstreaks had been seen recently. I enjoyed a peaceful sheltered area with plenty of young blackthorn for egg laying. I was fortunate to see a Brown Hairstreak flying out from an ash, circle above me and fly back to its high perch. I shall return! We found three eggs where one had been seen laying earlier. I spotted a large cricket in the meadow which turned out to be Roesel's Bush-cricket, Metrioptera roeselii. This is uncommon, but more interesting is that this was a rare form called diluta. The normal form is brachypterous meaning that the wings are small and not functional. The diluta form is a macropterous, having functional wings:'s_bush-cricket 
A toad hopped along a path.
Roesel's Bushcricket Metrioptera roeselii, form diluta
Brown Hairstreak eggs, Thecla betulae

Common Darter, Sympetrum striolatum
Common Toad, Bufo bufo

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