Thursday, 30 August 2012

a Red Admiral day

Red Admiral, Vanessa atalanta
This morning I started at Steyning but the weather was against Brown Hairstreaks - too cool and windy. I saw some fresh Red Admirals and a Holly Blue which did a fly-by while I was photographing one of them. I met Neil Hulme and Mark from Essex at the reserve. Later I joined Neil at Washington Chalk Pit which should be an interesting site next year. On the way home I stopped at Poling to fill in a blank tetrad on the Sussex Butterfly Atlas. I counted Small White 2, Speckled Wood 2, Red Admiral 4, Small Tortoiseshell 1 (the latter two on a buddleia).
Brimstone, Gonepteryx rhamni
Migrant Hawker, Aeshna mixta
Dor beetle, Geotrupes stercorarius
Red Admiral, Vanessa atalanta
a Holly Blue, Celastrina argiolus, has been caught in flight

Red Admiral, Vanessa atalanta
Common Carpet, Xanthorhoe montanata
Wall, Lasiommata megera
Washington Chalk Pits:

Cornflowers, Centaurea cyanus
I was surprised to see Colin Cowdrey's headstone. He was one of the cricketing heroes when I grew up.
Red Admiral, Vanessa atalanta

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