Thursday, 23 August 2012

Brown Hairstreak day

Brown Hairstreak, female, Thecla betulae 
I arrived at Steyning Downland at 10am and at 10:20 a female Brown Hairstreak landed in front of me.  After posing in a blackthorn it flew into the sun and I lost it. Five minutes later a male Brown Hairstreak landed, opened its wings then flew off before I could take a photo. People started arriving at this well known site and female BHs were spotted right through the day. I left the crowd to check the top of the hill. While watching the blackthorn patch I saw a pale Clouded Yellow. After an hour I returned to the hot spot where BHs were still attracting plenty of attention.  Neil Hulme did his butterfly whispering and gave us an opportunity to take some open wing shots.
Brown Hairstreak, female, Thecla betulae
Brown Hairstreak, female, Thecla betulae
This was the first one I saw at 10:20

This was a later one

Neil does his butterfly whispering

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