Sunday, 15 May 2011

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

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I visited Rowland Wood today, where Butterfly Conservation have purchased additional woodland to increase the habitaT for the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary. We were working there over the winter to create more open space for the  SPBFs.  There was sufficient sun today for Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries to show themselves and I counted 16 in two hours. They settled for no more than ten seconds. One unfortunate fresh specimen was killed by a Crab spider. A Cream-spot Tiger moth and a Grizzled Skipper aberrant (ab. Taras) were a bonus and there were plenty of Speckled Yellow moths that didn’t settle for long.

Grizzled Skipper aberrant (ab. Taras) 

Small Heath 
Broad-bodied Chaser 
Speckled Yellow moth 

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries 

SPBF taking-off 

Crab Spider Misumena vatia

Crab Spider has killed this SPBF. There is a white spot on  the SPBF. 
Tormentil Potentilla erecta
 Bee business
Ant business (under roofing felt) 

Birch Sawfly Cimbex femoratus

Cream-spot Tiger moth Arctia villica 

Bluebells in Rowland Wood.

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