Friday, 6 May 2011

Adonis rules at Mill Hill

Adonis Blue
I did my weekly transect at Mill Hill this morning and counted 1 Holly Blue, 2 Brimstone, 7 Small Heath, 23 Dingy Skipper, 112 Adonis Blue. Most of these were at the bottom of the hill, though I did see Dingy Skippers and Adonis Blue by the top car park. The Hill is covered by Horseshoe Vetch, and I saw a Green Hairstreak, 2 Small Coppers, 2 Grizzled Skippers and a Red Admiral later. I saw my first Jackdaw, and crows and magpies  mobbing a kestrel.
five Adonis enjoying the salts from a cow pat 

Dingy Skipper
 female Adonis
Small Heath 
wild rose 
possible malformed hind wing 
take off 
Small Copper 
 male and female Adonis

male offering himself to this female with a malformed wing  
Green Hairstreak nectaring on Horseshoe Vetch 
female Adonis 
Small Copper 
male and female Adonis 
3 males pile on a female
Dingy Skipper nectaring on Horseshoe Vetch

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