Sunday, 4 April 2010

Bonzo and marsh marigolds

A drizzly start to Easter Sunday, the fields at the dig near Pulborough were sodden but it brightened up during the morning. Bonzo, an elderly farm dog  enjoyed pestering us with a throwing stick and followed us throughout the day. He liked being with people. I found nothing interesting, others found a token, an unidentifiable Roman coin, two sixpences and a Jew’s harp. I  snapped a clump of marsh marigolds at the edge of a pond.
Daffodils are everywhere,  especially  on roadside verges and roundabouts. a promise of Spring around the corner.

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  1. I've spent 4 hours yesterday pricking out George's seedlings including some Giant Pansies and, coincidentally, some french marigolds. The intention is to keep costs doen and to propagate our own wedding flowers to decorate the LTF gardens with.
    I'm just off to prick out the Asters now. Approx. 150 of each variety! Happy Easter to you both. Dan and Gabi. x


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