Thursday 9 May 2019

van Gogh at the Tate Britain

Last week we visited this exhibition and thoroughly enjoyed it, both the van Goghs and the Thameside scene. Sadly, on the walk back to Vauxhall station we were confronted by the hideous buildings on the south bank, some of which are still under construction. The planners have a lot to answer for.
  We have been admirers of van Gogh for most of our lives but this show educated us about the breadth of his talent. We have enjoyed his sunflowers and colourful landscapes, but had no clue about his draughtsmanship and ability to work in so many mediums. I was particularly taken by the pair of boots and the prisoners in the jail yard.

Walk from Vauxhall station over the river:

ate our sandwiches on this amazing bench

Henry Moore

interesting exhibit of industrial work on the way to the van Goghs

walk back to Vauxhall station: 

Karl Marx walks poster

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