Tuesday 21 May 2019

Bronze Age Ring Money and a Derbyshire visit

On Thursday I attended a dig near Whitchurch, Hants and was delighted to find a rare artefact, a piece of Late Bronze Age gold 'Ring Money' weighing 3.88g, 14mm outer diameter. This will go through the Treasure Process with my FLO (Finds Liaison Officer). Their use is unknown and debated, they may have been used as currency or jewelry or both - see 

I also found a gilt Georgian watch winder (18th C).
Georgian watch winder
I then drove to Buxton to attend a dig in Derbyshire. While there I visited the Buxton museum to attend an exhibition of Hoards found in Britain, a fascinating experience. I took photos of the exhibits: https://www.colinknightimages.com/Blog-slideshows/2019/Hoards-a-hidden-history-of-ancient-Britain-at-Buxton-museum/ I also visited Aunt Bea and we had a lovely Italian meal at a local restaurant. The metal detecting was disappointing so I came home early and attended a local dig and found a Roman grot (grotty copper coin).
Derbyshire views:

I think this is a Light Knot Grass larva (Acronicta menyanthidis). I found it on a dry stone wall.
Field Pansy, Viola arvensis in Sussex

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