Tuesday 28 August 2018

Brown Hairstreaks at Steyning

Brown Hairstreak female, Thecla betulae
A trip to Steyning downland late this morning was fruitless until the sun showed for more than a few minutes at 1pm, when 3 female Brown Hairstreaks appeared for an audience of four. One gentleman had driven for 3 hours for the show. Also seen were Blood-vein and Dark Strawberry Tortix moths. Other insects seen: Dock Bugs - adult and late instars, a malformed Hairy Shieldbug, a third instar Green Shieldbug and a Ruddy Darter.
Moth visitors to our balcony last night included The Uncertain, Silver Y, Small Dusty Wave, Elbow-stripe Grass-veneer and the tiny Poplar Bent-wing.
Blood-vein, Timandra comae

Brown Hairstreak female, Thecla betulae

Brown Hairstreak female

Dark Strawberry Tortrix, Celypha lacunana

Dock Bug late instar nymphs, Coreus marginatus

Dock Bug adult

Hairy Shieldbug (malformed), Dolycoris baccarum

Green Shieldbug, 3rd instar nymph, Palomena prasina

Ruddy Darter, Sympetrum sanguineum

Poplar Bent-wing, Phyllocnistis unipunctella

The Uncertain, Hoplodrina octogenaria

Small Dusty Wave, Idaea seriata

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