Friday, 27 November 2015

Fungi at Woods Mill and Pulborough Brooks

Yellow Stainer, Agaricus xanthodermus
The weather recently has not been conducive to other activities so I continued my pursuit of fungi. On November 21st I checked out Woods Mill reserve near small Dole which has in the past provided me with quite a few new species, but this time I found just one - a Yellow Stainer.
  I then visited Pulborough Brooks and scoured the heathland and the reserve where I found several new ones - Yellow Brain, Purplepore Bracket, Root Rot and Lilac Bonnet.
  Most fungi are very difficult to identify and many of my new ones have been named by people with considerable expertise on iSpot to whom I am very grateful.
a stormy day on November 22
Woods Mill:
Fool's-water-cress, Apium nodiflorum
King Alfred's Cake, Daldinia concentrica
Pulborough Brooks:
Canada Geese, Branta canadensis
Artist's Bracket, Ganoderma applanatum

Ash Bark Beetle tunnels on log, Hylesinus varius
Birch Polypore, Piptoporus betulinus
unidentified bracket fungi on birch
unidentified bracket fungi
unidentified bracket fungus
brittlestem fungi, Psathyrella species
Common Earthball, Scleroderma citrinum
lichen, Ochrolechia parella
Lilac Bonnets, Mycena pura
Lilac Bonnets
Purplepore Bracket, Trichaptum abietinum
Root Rot, Heterobasidion annosum
Sulphur Tuft, Hypholoma fasciculare
Yellow Brain fungus, Tremella mesenterica

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