Thursday, 13 August 2015

Adonis, Wall and a Fire bug

Adonis Blue, Polyommatus bellargus
Yesterday I did my Mill Hill transect on a warm but cloud covered morning, which accounted for the low numbers of everything except Walls. It was wonderful to see the brilliant colour of second brood Adonis Blues. Later the sun shone through and the butterflies rose up in numbers. Results: Adonis Blue 3, Chalkhill Blue 13, Common Blue, Essex Skipper, Gatekeeper 6, Meadow Brown 20, Peacock, Red Admiral, Small Heath, Small White, Wall Brown 8. Afterwards I stopped at Beeding cement works where there were plenty of Common Blues, Brown Argus and a Holly Blue. Finally I visited Steyning Downland Scheme and thought I saw a Brown Hairstreak heading over the prunus towards the canopy. There were plenty of Walls and Holly Blues on the brambles at the top of the hill.
Mill Hill:
Adonis Blue
Adonis Blue ♀
Adonis Blues mating

Chalkhill Blue, Lysandra coridon
Chalkhill Blue on Carline Thistle, Carlina vulgaris
Cinnabar larva, Tyria jacobaeae
Common Blue ♂, Polyommatus icarus
Common Carpet, Epirrhoe alternata
Common Green Lacewing, Chrysoperla carnea
Common Knapweed, Centaurea nigra
Common Purple and Gold, Pyrausta purpuralis
Dark Bush Cricket ♂, Pholidoptera griseoaptera
Deadly Nightshade, Atropa belladonna
Essex Skipper, Thymelicus lineola
Eyebright, Euphrasia species
Lesser Treble-bar, Aplocera efformata
tiny Mirid Bug nymph, Heterotoma planicornis
Ploughman's-spikenard, Inula conyzae
Prickly Sowthistle, Sonchus asper
Scorpion fly ♀, Panorpa species
Six-Spot Burnet, Zygaena filipendulae
Straw-barred Pearl, Pyrausta despicata
Some of the second brood P. despicata are tiny and there are several pattern forms among them.
Straw-barred Pearl
Wall ♀, Lasiommata megera
Yellow-spot Twist, Pseudargyrotoza conwagana
Hawkweed Ox-tongue, Picris hieracioides
Beeding cement works:
Bird's-foot Trefoil, Lotus corniculatus
Common Blue ♀, Polyommatus icarus
Common Blue ♀
Common Blue ♂
Common Blue ♂
Holly Blue ♀, Celastrina argiolus
Holly Blue ♀
Steyning Downland Scheme:
Alder Spittlebug, Aphrophora alni
Common Sweep pupal case, Psyche casta
Dark Bush Cricket ♀, Pholidoptera griseoaptera
Fire bug, Corizus hyoscyami
Fire bug
Gatekeepers, Pyronia tithonus
Holly Blues, Celastrina argiolus
Orange Ladybird, Halyzia sedecimguttata
Silver-washed Fritillary ♂, Argynnis paphia
Straw Dot, Rivula sericealis

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