Saturday, 27 June 2015

Silver-studded Blues and Black-striped Longhorns

male Silver-studded Blue, Plebeius argus
I conducted a walk for Butterfly Conservation (Sussex Branch) today at Iping and Stedham Commons. I had nine enthusiastic participants and we saw many Silver-studded Blues, male and female, at the expected spots in both areas. Some SSBs were quite old and tatty and some were fresh specimens. In addition we saw a Beautiful Demoiselle by the car park and a female Southern Hawker. We also saw Common Heaths and Oblong-leaved Sundews at the bottom of the slope at Stedham Common. I spotted a female Black-striped Longhorm Beetle on a Bramble flower. In the blink of an eye a male pounced on her and held her in a compromising position.

Beautiful Demoiselle, female, Calopteryx virgo
id needed for this beetle (15mm)
female Black-striped Longhorn Beetle, Stenurella melanura 
Mr Longhorn swoops in...

Inlaid Grass-veneer, Crambus pascuella
Barred Grass-veneer, Agriphila inquinatella
This moth landed on my trousers.
Oblong-leaved Sundew, Drosera intermedia

Sharp-angled Peacock, Macaria alternata
female Silver-studded Blue, Plebeius argus
female Silver-studded Blue
female Southern Hawker, Aeshna cyanea
Speckled Bush Cricket nymph, Leptophyes punctatissima
Wood Sage, Teucrium scorodonia

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