Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Burnets and White-letter Hairstreaks

White-letter Hairstreak, Satyrium w-album
Last Thursday I did my Mill Hill butterfly transect with the following results:  Brimstone 1, Chalkhill Blue 11, Gatekeeper  55, Marbled White 49, Meadow Brown 50, Ringlet 1, Small Heath 6, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Small White 7, other Whites 2. Marbled Whites and Gatekeepers were present in record numbers.

I then visited Hollingbury Park, Brighton and as soon as I started searching the thistle flowers I saw two White-letter Hairstreaks. I saw at least three during the next 70 minutes, and was rarely without one in the viewfinder.
Chalkhill Blue, Lysandra coridon
Red-tailed Bumblebee, Bombus lapidarius
Red-tailed Bumblebee, Bombus lapidarius
Six-Spot Burnet, Zygaena filipendulae
Six-Spot Burnets mating, Zygaena filipendulae
Small Whites mating, Pieris rapae
Heart and Dart, Agrotis exclamationis
This was on my staircase
this beetle needs an id please1

Hollingbury Park:
Blue Bottle Fly, Calliphora vomitoria

Comma, Polygonia c-album
fly - id needed please! 
Greenbottle, Lucilia caesar
Honey bee, Apis mellifera
Meadow Brown, Maniola jurtina
White-letter Hairstreak, Satyrium w-album

with Honey Bee

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