Thursday, 6 September 2012

Rewell Wood and Kithurst Hill

Brimstone, Gonepteryx rhamni
This morning I joined Mark at Rewell Wood for a butterfly hunt. The buddleia provided Red Admirals, Commas and a Small Tortoiseshell.  We then went on to Kithurst Hill where the Hemp Agrimony was the Red Admiral magnet.
Large White, Pieris brassicae
Small Tortoiseshell, Aglais urticae
Small Tortoiseshell, Aglais urticae
id needed (flower below)

Kithurst Hill:
Red Admiral, Vanessa atalanta

Red Admiral, Vanessa atalanta

Silver Y moth, Autographa gamma
Small White, Pieris rapae 
Speckled Wood, Pararge aegeria

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