Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A drinker, eggs and a gall

larva of The Drinker moth Euthrix potatoria

This morning started with another of those superb sunrises. I had arranged to meet Mark at Heyshott Down to hunt for Brown Hairstreak eggs as part of Sussex Butterfly Conservation's survey of this butterfly in the county. Mark soon found the egg of a Blue-bordered Carpet moth,  and the only Brown Hairstreak egg of the day. He also spotted a Bramble Stem Gall by the path and pointed out Fallow and Roe deer spoor. We then moved on to Harting Down where he found the caterpillar of The Drinker moth 4 feet up a Blackthorn stem where I assume it was hibernating. It was a fine day to be out with a cold wind blowing.

Fallow deer prints by phone
egg of the Blue-bordered Carpet moth, Plemyria rubiginata
Brown Hairstreak egg
both these eggs were pinhead-sized

Bramble Stem Gall Diastrophus rubi where the larvae of the Small Black Gall Wasp live

The top of Harting Down, part of the South Downs Way

We saw quite a few ladybirds

Me looking for  Brown Hairstreak eggs!

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