Saturday, 31 December 2011

Fat Cat rules

Kelham Island Museum as seen from the car park of The Fat Cat
We paid an overdue visit to The Fat Cat at lunchtime with Danuta and Ken. Everything was just as we remembered it. In the old days when it started in the  early 80s it had the only no-smoking room in a Sheffield pub and 8 guest beers. Now the old no-smoking room is our favourite room. It's a cosy lounge with a real fire and old photos adorning the wall. It was also good to be recognised by the landlady even though we haven't visited for two years. We had Kelham Island Bitter, brewed at the premises, a favourite of mine since they created it in the 90s. The steak pie was great and the apple crumble and custard excellent as always. It was more difficult to get to as the road system has completely changed, However, there are signs to the Kelham Island Museum so we followed those.
You can drool over the full range of beers here:
The Fat Cat - our favourite pub
New development by the museum
The nuthatch is the only bird visiting the feeder that isn't fazed by me standing a yard away behind a window. All the others fly in and do a mid-air about turn and fly off.

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