Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Arun walk and Heyshott work party

sunset November 20th
Last Sunday I attended a club dig, but didn't find much, a Georgian halfpenny, a 1917 penny, some buttons and a buckle. Plenty of hammered coins were found, but a few of us missed out. 
On Tuesday afternoon we went for a favourite walk along the River Arun at Warningcamp towards Arundel. 
misty view of Arundel Cathedral and Castle
Black-headed Gull

derelict building by the path
Om Wednesday morning I joined Neil and Mark at Heyshott Down for another work party with members of the Murray Downland Trust. More trees and scrub were removed and we now have a very impressive open area which should benefit the Duke of Burgundy butterfly in future years once the Primulas become established.
sunrise November 18
low-lying fog at 10am
Neil in his element
Mark is also a dab hand with a saw
the hillside is looking good
the work party prepares to leave
the cleared area is growing

hillside walk
Neil ascending the hill

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