Monday 11 October 2010

Roman, AGM and Brandy Hole

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Sunday was busy. It started with a club dig near Steyning where I found a small Roman coin with no markings and a 1912 penny with a lovely green patina.

Gill found a Roman Imperatorial, Sextus Pompey, 42-40 BC Denarius showing the head of Pompey the Great.

In the afternoon Sue joined me at the AGM of the Sussex branch of Butterfly Conservation Organization. Patrick Barkham of The Guardian, gave a fascinating talk about his adventures seeing 60 species of British Butterflies in 2009 which he has written about in his book  'The Butterfly Isles'. 
Michael Blencowe gave his usual hilarious and illuminating talk about the butterfly year in Sussex.

This afternoon we visited Brandy Hole Copse reserve north of Chichester. It was a glorious Autumn day, sunny, blue skies and a cooling breeze. There were plenty of flowers out and the leaves were turning to Autumn colours. We saw some Speckled Woods and then a pristine Red Admiral feasting on the flower buds of a ivy. Both were spotted by Sue whose keen butterfly eyes are always an asset on these walks. We also saw a (Small?) White by the cornfield.

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