Thursday, 18 June 2020

The Shears and other moths

The Shears, Hada plebeja
I recorded 18 species of moths at Littlehampton from June 13 to 16 including a new one, The Shears plus Barred Marble, Bright-line Brown-eye, Buff Ermine, Common Pug, Common Wainscot, Dark Arches, Dusky Pearl, Garden Grass-veneer, Heart and Club, Heart and Dart, Marbled Minor agg., Peppered Moth, Poplar Grey, Shuttle-shaped Dart, Small Dusty Wave, Vine's Rustic, Willow Beauty.
Barred Marble, Celypha striana 

Bright-line Brown-eye, Lacanobia oleracea

Buff Ermine, Spilosoma luteum

Common Pug, Eupithecia vulgata

Common Wainscot, Mythimna pallens 

Dark Arches, Apamea monoglypha 

Dusky Pearl, Udea prunalis

False Widow Spider, Steatoda nobilis 

Garden Grass-veneer, Chrysoteuchia culmella

Heart and Club, Agrotis clavis 

Heart and Club, Agrotis clavis 

Heart and Dart 

Marbled Minor agg., Oligia strigilis agg. 

Peppered Moth, Biston betularia 

Peppered Moth, Biston betularia 

Poplar Grey, Subacronicta megacephala 

Shuttle-shaped Dart, Agrotis puta 

Small Dusty Wave, Idaea seriata 

Vine's Rustic, Hoplodrina ambigua 

Willow Beauty, Peribatodes rhomboidaria 

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