Sunday 21 June 2020

Marbled Bell and a Caloptilia micromoth

Marbled Bell, Eucosma campoliliana
Yesterday Rewell Wood gave me two new micromoths for my Sussex gallery. One was easy to identify as a Marbled Bell as I had found one on the coast in Northumberland in 2015. The other is proving harder as there are 4 similar species in the genus Caloptilia. An expert has narrowed it down to two after viewing my photos: C. betulicola or C. elongella.
note added 25 June: C. elongella requires Alder as its foodplant, C. betulicola requires Birch. There is a large stand of birch where I found it but no Alder, so the conclusion is that the moth is a Red Birch Slender.
Butterflies seen: Ringlets, Meadow Browns, Comma. moths: Light Emerald, Common Yellow Conches, Red Piercer, Small Magpies. The buddleia are coming into flower and will hopefully attract the butterflies like Red Admiral, Painted Lady etc. Plenty of Hymenoptera around, many were drowned in the 'leaf ponds' of the teasels, together with Yellow Conches. The base of the leaves of the teasel are joined to form a water catchment round the stem. These drowned insects and may benefit the plant with nutrients. I watched a Two-girdled Digger Wasp flapping its wings rapidly which enabled it to climb out of the water with much effort. It then dried itself on the tip of the leaf.
Buddleia, Buddleia davidii

Red Birch Slender, Caloptilia betulicola (about 1 cm long)

Red Birch Slender, Caloptilia betulicola

Common Yellow Conch, Agapeta hamana

leaf beetle
Light Emerald, Campaea margaritaria 

Marbled Bell, Eucosma campoliliana

Mullein, Verbascum thapsus 

Mullein, Verbascum thapsus 

Red Piercer, Lathronympha strigana 

Ringlet, Aphantopus hyperantus 

Small Magpie, Anania hortulata 

Stiltbug, Metatropis rufescens
Figwort Sawfly, Tenthredo scrophulariae

Two-girdled Digger Wasp, Argogorytes mystaceus in teasel pond

Two-girdled Digger Wasp climbing out

Two-girdled Digger Wasp drying off
Two-girdled Digger Wasp

Two-girdled Digger Wasp drying off

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