Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Seal top spoon terminal

seal top spoon terminal, circa 1600. 3.6cm
On Sunday I went metal detecting and found a seal top spoon terminal c.1600. At first I thought it was a pipe tamper, but our club expert identified the artefact. similar items can be seen here:
Also a military button, and a copper brooch plus buttons and halfpennies. Jim spotted a pair of mating Red-tailed Bumblebees.
The previous Thursday I found a copper clothes fastener which the guys reckon is old but I cannot find a similar one to give a period to it.
Red-tailed Bumblebees mating, Bombus lapidarius

military button

copper brooch 2cm wide

copper brooch reverse

copper clothes fastener 16mm long

fragment 22mm

Roman coin? 6mm

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