Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Zulu village, butterflies and our safari tour ends

On Day 4 (Sunday 17th) of our safari trip we visited a traditional Zulu village then had lunch at Illala Weavers.

On Day 7 (Wednesday) we left Umkhumbi Lodge and stopped at Mtunzini for lunch by a rain forest. Then to the airport to catch our Emirates flight home.
African Common White, Belenois creona severina

African Masked Weaver, Ploceus velatus

village shop

the Bolt gesture is popular

Fiscal Shrike, Lanius collaris

our guide explains Zulu culture

Rufus Sparrow, Passer motitensis

Southern Crested Guineafowl, Guttera pucherani edouardi

Topaz-spotted Blue, Azanus jesous

Weaver bird nest
Mtunzini Day 7:

The staff at the Lodge did their dance for us (prompted by tour leader Ina!)
link here: The Dance
the Lodge dogs said goodbye

African Common White, Belenois creona severina

African Common White

African Grass Blue, Zizeeria knysna

Common Evening Brown ♂, Melanitis leda

Common Evening Brown ♂

Common Grass Yellow, Eurema hecabe solifera

Dancing Acraea, Acraea serena

Our favourite pub in Sheffield is The Fat Cat

the group

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