Tuesday 25 October 2016

Heyshott, Amblesham and Pulborough fungi

Heyshott escarpment.
Last Wednesday I attended the first weekly conservation work party of the winter season at Heyshott escarpment. Splendid Autumn weather welcomed us and a good turnout of 13 volunteers made short work of the brush cutting. I stopped by the church yard to see some Chicken in the Woods growing on a yew.
  Afterwards I called at Amblesham Common where I found a Southern Hawker egg laying in the mud by a temporary pond on a path. At Fittleworth I visited the Fly agarics again the found some new fungi on the Pulborough Brooks fungi trail including Conifercone Cap, Dog Stinkhorn and Clustered Toughshank.
Andy K, John, Peter, Colin, Katrina, Nick, Mike H, Nigel, Garry
missing from photo: Mike E, Greg, Paul, Andy S.
further information about this conservation work:
Chicken of the Woods, Laetiporus sulphureus

Amblesham Common:
Southern Hawker egg laying in mud, Aeshna cyanea

Sulphur Tuft, Hypholoma fasciculare

growth on Yellow Bonnet, Mycena epipterygia
Yellow Bonnet
 Fly Agarics, Amanita muscaria

Pulborough Brooks:

 old specimen

 Fallow Deer, Dama dama

 Tawny Funnel, Lepista flaccida

 Lilac Bonnet, Mycena pura

Mamillate Plait-moss, Hypnum andoi
Small Staghorn, Calocera cornea

Southern Bracket, Ganoderma australe

wrinkled Stinkhorn, Phallus impudicus


 Sulphur Tuft, Hypholoma fasciculare

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