Sunday 19 June 2016

Crescent Plume and Common Swift

Common Swift, Korscheltellus lupulina
On Wednesday 15th June I did my Mill Hill transect: Brimstone, Adonis Blue 6, Holly Blue, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Meadow Brown, Small Heath 3, moths: Cinnabar, Straw-barred Pearl 3, Common Purple and Gold, Hook-streak Grass-veneer, Garden Grass-veneer. One Small Heath was an aberrant.

  On Thursday I visited Steyning Downland Scheme and found several Large Skippers, a Meadow Brown, an old male Adonis Blue and a Small Blue. Moths seen: Burnet Companion, Common Carpet, Dark Strawberry Tortrix, Bright Bell, Hook-streak Grass-veneer, Unmarked Neb plus a tiny (10mm) green larva on a grass stem. Beside the path to Mouse Lane I found a Small Barred Longhorn, a Common Nettle-tap. I also found two new moths for my galleries: Crescent Plume and a Common Swift lying upside down under a nettle leaf.
Mill Hill, June 15:
Adonis Blue, Polyommatus bellargus
worn Adonis Blue, still flying
Common Dogwood, Cornus sanguinea
Common Purple and Gold, Pyrausta purpuralis
Deadly Nightshade, Atropa belladonna
Eyebright, Euphrasia species
Garden Grass-veneer, Chrysoteuchia culmella
Hook-streak Grass-veneer, Crambus lathoniellus
Meadow Cranesbill, Geranium pratense
Scarlet Pimpernels, Anagallis arvensis
aberrant Small Heath, Coenonympha pamphilus
Small Tortoiseshell, Aglais urticae
False Oil Beetle, Oedemera nobilis on Wild rose
Snowy Inkcaps, Coprinopsis nivea
Snowy Inkcap
Straw-barred Pearl, Pyrausta despicata
Jackie's garden
Rustington WWI sculptures in wood

Steyning Downland Scheme, June 16:
7-spot Ladybird, Propylea 7-punctata
Adonis Blue, Polyommatus bellargus
Alder Spittlebug, Aphrophora alni
Azure Damselfly, Coenagrion puella
unidentified bee
Bloody-nosed Beetle, Timarcha tenebricosa
Bloody-nosed Beetle
Bright Bell, Eucosma hohenwartiana
Burnet Companion, Euclidia glyphica
Columbine, Aquilegia vulgaris
Common Blue Damselfly, Enallagma cyathigerum
Common Carpet, Epirrhoe alternata
Common Nettle tap, Anthophila fabriciana
Common Swift, Korscheltellus lupulina
Common Swift, Korscheltellus lupulina
Common Swift
Cricket Bat Orb-weaver, Mangora acalypha
Dark Strawberry Tortrix, Celypha lacunana
unidentified - desiccated lepidoptera egg?
False Oil Beetle ♀, Oedemera nobilis
Harlequin Ladybird, fifth instar larva, Harmonia axyridis
Harlequin Ladybird
Hook-streak Grass-veneer, Crambus lathoniellus
Hop Trefoil, Trifolium campestre
Large Skipper, Ochlodes sylvanus
Large Skipper
Meadow Brown, Maniola jurtina
Mirid bug, Grypocoris stysi
bug nymph, Mirid species
small (1cm) unidentified lepidoptera larva
Orchid Beetle, Dascillus cervinus
Pendulous Sedge, Carex pendula
Plant bug, Closterotomus fulvomaculatus
Pyramidal Orchid, Anacamptis pyramidalis
Scorpion fly ♂, Panorpa species
sedge, Carex species
Small Barred Longhorn, Adela croesella
Small Blue, Cupido minimus
Small Purple and Gold, Pyrausta aurata
Speckled Bush Cricket nymph, Leptophyes punctatissima
Tree Bumblebee, Bombus hypnorum
Unmarked Neb, Eulamprotes unicolorella
unidentified tiny weevil on wild rose
Yellow Shell, Camptogramma bilineata

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