Sunday, 10 January 2016

Latticed Stinkhorns & Scarlet Elf Cups

Scarlet Elf Cup, Sarcoscypha coccinea
On January 4th I did my last fungi hunt in Sheffield and found Scarlett Elf Cups and Field Blewit. On Tuesday we had a good drive home and now Sue is comfortable at home. She is making good progress following her partial shoulder replacement according to the physiotherapist.
  On Wednesday I attended our detecting club meeting where Malcolm Head gave a fascinating talk about Treasures from the Thames. Malcolm was a Dredger Master and has been collecting artefacts for many years. He is very knowledgeable about the varied and many things he had brought to show us. The ceremonial axe heads were favourites for most of us.
  Now that Sue is healing well I have been able to do some local fungi hunts in our gardens and Mewsbrook Park, where I found two species of tiny Moth Flies. I also had the opportunity to photograph Latticed Stinkhorns in a friend's garden and they were ripe!
Bonnet fungus, Mycena species
Common Inkcaps, Coprinopsis atramentaria
unidentified mushroom
underside of above
unidentified bracket fungus
Jelly Ear Fungi, Auricularia auricula-judae
Jelly Ear Fungi
Orange Peel Fungus, Aleuria aurantia
Rickenella species
Rickenella species
Scarlet Elf Cup, Sarcoscypha coccinea
Scarlet Elf Cups
White Brain, Exidia thuretiana
Field Blewits, Lepista saeva
Field Blewit

Field Blewit
Latticed Stinkhorn, Clathrus ruber
Latticed Stinkhorn
Latticed Stinkhorn
Mewsbrook Park:
Inkcap, Coprinellus species
tiny Moth fly (2mm), Psychoda erminea
tiny Moth fly (2mm), Psychoda surcoufi
Moth fly, Psychoda surcoufi

Smoky Bracket, Bjerkandera adusta
Yellow Slug, Limax flavus,
Spotted Snake Millipedes, Blaniulus guttulatus  &
Common Woodlouse, Oniscus asellus
Wood Violet, Viola riviniana

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