Wednesday, 16 December 2015

George III sixpence, jewellery and more fungi

semi-precious stone in mount
On Saturday I found Turf Mottlegill fungi near the Roundstone Pub. On Sunday I was metal detecting with my club and found a George III 1817 sixpence and an interesting piece of jewellery consisting of a large semi-previous stone, possibly a citrine, set in a copper-gilt mount. It may be Tudor. The farm field was 50% grass 50% soil and I found Cup fungi, Pleated Inkcaps, Stubble Rosegills and Winter Twiglets.
Turf Mottlegill, Panaeolus fimicola
Turf Mottlegill
George III  sixpence 1817
side view of  jewelry
Cup fungus, Peziza species
Cup fungus
Cup fungi
unidentified fungi

Coprinopsis species
Coprinopsis species
Coprinopsis species
Stubble Rosegill, Volvariella gloiocephala
Stubble Rosegill
Winter Twiglets, Tubaria furfuracea
Winter Twiglets
Winter Twiglets
Winter Twiglets

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  1. lovely photos. Saw a cup fungus like yours near toodyay in West Australia.


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