Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Shaded Broad-bars and Azure & Small Red-eyed Damsels

male Small Red-eyed Damselfly, Erythromma viridulum
Yesterday I strolled along the Ferring Rife. The ponds on the west side have long since dried out. I saw Common Blues, Gatekeepers, Red Admirals, Skippers (Small or Essex), Small Tortoiseshells and a small worn Clouded Yellow. There were plenty of Shaded Broad-bar moths flying in the conservation meadow on the west side plus Pearl Veneers. On the lilies growing on the rife were Small Red-eyed Damselflies and an Azure Damselfly. As I waited on the bank looking for dragonflies I heard a plop in the water, then the head of what I think is a juvenile Coot appeared a lily. It stayed still for a few minutes then plopped underwater and swam very fast to the opposite bank. At home I photographed more moths found in the hallway: a Case-bearing Clothes Moth, a Dingy Down and a Flounced Rustic.
Azure Damselfly, Coenagrion puella
Clouded Yellow, Colias croceus
Pearl Veneer, Agriphila straminella
Shaded Broad-bar, Scotopteryx chenopodiata
juvenile Coot, Fulica atra?
Case-bearing Clothes Moth, Tinea pellionella
Dingy Dowd, Blastobasis adustella
Flounced Rustic, Luperina testacea
Flounced Rustic, Luperina testacea

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