Saturday, 8 June 2013

An intimate moment with Ringed Plovers

Ringed Plovers mating, Charadrius hiaticula
I wandered along the beach yesterday evening and heard the unmistakable tweet of a Ringed Plover. Looking around I spotted one standing stationary watching me. A dog walker walked by and when I looked for the plover it had gone. I then saw one flying along the beach below. Another appeared on a pebble ridge where I could photograph it. I lay down on the pebbles, focused my lens  then noticed another approaching it. They met and suddenly the action commenced. An amazing experience which lasted two minutes.
female Ringed Plover
female Ringed Plover
male Ringed Plover
the approach

he went round the back and approached her

There was two minutes of getting into posittion

the time was nigh
it was over very quickly
thank you!

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