Wednesday 12 December 2012

Secret Nature by a Man for all Seasons

Nudibranch, Phyllidia varicosa
I have been busy recently with winter conservation work at three Sussex butterfly sites. I have also been cataloguing all the underwater photos from my recent Maldives trip. The task of properly identifying and cataloguing the marine life I have photographed around the Arabian Peninsula and the Maldives during the past 28 years has been on my mind for some time. Having made a start I now have the job of working backwards, which should take care of bad weather days until the end of my days....

For those that are interested in tropical marine life, I offer the following galleries:

Marine Life of the Indian Ocean and Arabian Peninsula (includes birds and animals animals of the Maldives), 888 photos divided into animal groups:-

The photos can also be viewed in one gallery:-

While I have been busy with this task, a good friend, Mark Colvin, has been busy creating his new blog ‘Secret Nature’ which I commend to anyone interested in Natural History. Mark is a butterfly enthusiast and a superb photographer who captures nature his way throughout the year. He is also a talented wordsmith who researches his subjects diligently. Please enjoy his work at

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