Friday, 2 March 2012

Courting grebes at Pagham

Great crested grebes courting

Yesterday morning, Neil, the double glazing specialist, replaced a punctured unit and fixed a couple of other problems, all very effectivley. After he left I headed for Pagham Harbour again as the sun had been shining through a blue sky all day, so the insects should have been rising above the reeds. They were, and the dozen or so birders had been having regular sightings. I managed some and got my best shot so far, though it is pretty poor when compared to professional shots. It about the best I could do with a 300mm lens and fleeting glimpses of the elusive bird. A bonus was seeing these courting Grebes on the lake.

Great crested grebes courting
The slideshow has multiple shots of the happy couple performing their ritual courtship.

Little grebe
Little egret
Paddyfield warbler on the move
Paddyfield warbler 

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