Friday, 23 March 2012

Comma wars, lizards and slow-worms

Polygonia c-album, Comma
This afternoon I checked out Rewell Wood and found two slow-worms and four lizards, plus a small rodent's backside diving into the leaf litter. The big event was five Commas, all males fighting for territory. There were plenty of aerial battles and war fever was so great that I saw a bumble bee being chased off by one Comma.
Anguis fragilis, slow-worm 8cm
This was a tiny Slow-worm on 3 inches long

Polygonia c-album, Comma
Polygonia c-album, Comma
Polygonia c-album, Comma
This one has been in a lot of fights!

Anguis fragilis, slow-worm
Zootoca vivipara, Common lizard with second tail

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