Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Chris Packham's 'A Wild Life Exposed'

On Sunday we saw Chris Packham's show 'A Wild Life Exposed' at Horsham for the second year running. He was as interesting as last year with great images and comments about nature photography. His presentation was well paced and he told you up front how long each half of the show would last. I particularly liked his five days spent on his local stream photographing damselflies. He froze them in motion, and used the same technique photographing Antarctic skuas, creating wonderful impressionist images at different speeds. As usual he gave good conservation messages. In response to a question he indicated that the greatest threat to biodiversity was the dramatic increase in human population. He repeated his message from last year that we need to get children out in the countryside to nurture a future generation of conservationists. He advised that we need to work with our farmers, many of whom are conservation partners,  and who are let down by supermarkets who import cheap milk from Eastern Europe and sell it as a loss leader. We will be sourcing locally produced milk in future.

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