Monday, 17 October 2011

Wildlife XPO at Alexandra Palace

On Friday we travelled to Alexandra Palace for the Wildlife Exhibition. The main attraction was the speakers, and we enjoyed a variety of talks:
Paul Goldstein of Exodus Travels on Wildlife Photography. An excellent presentation by a photographer who is passionate about his art. I picked up some great ideas from him.
Kelvin Murray of Silvertip presented his film of Sub-Zero-Aqua: Exploring Polar Seas. This was a very interesting session by a film maker who loves the underwater world of the poles.
Simyra Taback of Hallo Bay on Alaska Bears. This Canadian photographer and guide gave us a great idea of what the Brown Bear tours at this wilderness reserve involve.
Mathew Frith of London Wildlife Trust on London A Wild Place. He had a very interesting approach to this topic - he used London place and street names to indicate London's ancient wild places. An interesting butterfly fact emerged - the Speckled Wood was known as the Enfield Eye. Further investigation shows that it was also known as the Wood Argus.
Nick Baker of WildAid on Weird Creatures showed us some of the strange creatures that have featured in his TV series. He is a great story teller.

This was our first visit to Alexandra Palace and it is a very impressive, if neglected, building. The views from Muswell Hill across London are amazing. We drove there, and free parking round the venue was easy to find. My sat-nav stopped working on the way, and finding our way around using an old map was a nightmare both ways. London has always been notorious for its lack of decent road signs, and nothing has changed since we lived there 40 years ago. Next year we plan to go for both days of the event and stay over for two nights so we can see more speakers.

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