Monday, 10 October 2011

Buckle Down

Sunday sunset
On Sunday we had a club dig on a West Sussex down at which a number of hammered coins were found. My find of the day was a large post-medieval buckle complete with pin.

Double loop oval buckle
width = 54.1mm, height = 51.6mm, thickness = 4.9mm, weight = 26.29g
it is similar to this buckle:
Swinger from a horse harness
diameter = 44.5mm, thickness = 3.6mm, weight = 33.7g
horse buckle
width = 42.5mm, height = 47.4mm, thickness = 5.9mm, weight = 40.21g
small post-medieval buckle
width = 22.4mm, height = 16.6mm, thickness = 3.3mm, weight = 2.22g
unknown decorative piece - perhaps part of furniture fitting
height = 45.2mm, 34.4mm, thickness = 2.2mm weight = 7.40g
unknown decorative piece with hole
length = 38.1mm, width = 5.4mm, depth = 4.5mm, weight = 3.94g

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