Monday, 22 March 2010

Buttons, butterflies & the death of an Emperors's habitat

The club had a dig north of Worthing yesterday. Not much found, crotal bell, worn and unidentifiable Roman and hammered, clasp of Roman broach. My finds were two buttons, one a 4-hole shirt button.
Watched the butterfly DVD we won at the raffle Saturday, it is an excellent identification aid to butterflies and wild flowers: The Best of Butterfly Days plus’

I received a disturbing report from UK Butterflies about the Forestry Commission wilfully ruining the habitat of the Purple Emperor (image above) at Alice Host Forest in Hampshire. You’d think after all the devastation wreaked on the country’s habitat by the FC in the post war period that they would now be sensitive to the needs of our fauna and flora. They received expert advice on this particular habitat for 35 years, but it appears that following a change of local management they chose to go their own selfish way.
Click here for full details and how you can express your concern to the FC.

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