Tuesday 16 January 2024

Foxes and a Bittern

Red Fox, Vulpes vulpes
This morning I spotted a pair of foxes basking in the sun below our flat. I saw one Sunday morning at 7am trotting along in the drive but it saw me and turned round.

 During the morning I received a call from Southern Foam to say our sofa and armchair cushions were ready after having new foam fitted. We have been using our balcony chairs for the past week, very confortable but not the same! They've done an excellent job.
 At lunchtime I spotted an Arundel WWT post on FB saying a bittern had been spotted by staff early in the morning so I headed off to Arundel and the Scrape Hide, without much hope. "We've seen it a few times this afternoon" I was told, "the last time 5 minutes before you came in"! Before long there were excited whispers and the bird appeared at the front of a far reed bed, then disappeared and reappeared a couple of times during the next 30 minutes. It was too far way for a good photo with my 300mm lens, but I had some great views of it with the binoculars. A first for me, very satisfied!
Bittern, Botaurus stellaris

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