Thursday, 6 May 2021

Bluebell woods and Grey Gorse Piercers

Today I visited Rewell Wood and found plenty of bluebells, with stitchwort, red campions, garlic mustard, wild strawberry and bugles. A tawny owl flapped across the woodland and a buzzard cruised overhead. I found plenty of the tiny Grey Gorse Piercer moths on the gorse.

Early Mining Bee, Andrena haemorrhoa

Bluebells and Red Campion

bluebells and stitchwort


Cuckoo Bees, Nomada species

garlic mustard

Grey Gorse Piercer, Cydia ulicetana

Grey Gorse Piercer

Grey Gorse Piercer


red campion

ride widened for Pearl-bordered Fritillary butterflies

wild strawberry

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