Monday, 24 June 2019

Kithurst meadow blues

Small Blue, Cupido minimus
I visited Kithurst meadow on Friday and saw Small Blues, Common Blues a Large Skipper and Marbled Whites. There were many moths: Dark Strawberry Tortrix (the commonest moth on every site I visit), Clouded Border, Satin Grass Veneer, Straw Dot plus several micromoths which remain unidentified. At home several species visited our balcony: Common Plume, Small Dusty Wave, Willow Beauty.
unidentified bug

Cinnabar, Tyria jacobaeae

Clouded Border, Lomaspilis marginata

Common Blue, Polyommatus icarus

Common Green Capsid, Lygocoris pabulinus 

Large Skipper, Ochlodes sylvanus

Marbled White, Melanargia galathea

unidentified Tortrix micromoth

unidentified Tortrix micromoth

unidentified Tortrix micromoth

unidentified medium-sized moth

pupa of case-bearing moth

Mirid bug, Orthotylus marginalis

Satin Grass-veneer, Crambus perlella

Small Blue, Cupido minimus

Straw Dot, Rivula sericealis
Balcony moths:
Common Plume, Emmelina monodactyla

Small Dusty Wave, Idaea seriata

Willow Beauty, Peribatodes rhomboidaria

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