Sunday, 1 January 2017

Arrivals - making Sheffield home

Yesterday we visited the refurbished Weston Park Museum in Sheffield to see a wonderful exhibition of photography by Jeremy Abrahams. He has captured images of people who have made Sheffield their home during the period 1945-2016. Jeremy has used a great variety of styles, background and lighting in the 72 portraits which creates a very interesting exhibition.

I have to declare an interest - my father-in-law, Jan Kot, is one of the Arrivals. Danuta, one of his three daughters, is featured holding his portrait in front of the Winter Garden, which stands on the site of the Town Hall extension. This was known as The Eggbox, which Jan designed and worked in as City Architect until he retired.

Jeremy personally delivered copies of his book to us as he lives nearby, and we enjoyed hearing first-hand how the project was conceived. I particularly enjoyed his account of how the iconic cover photo was captured.

While at the museum I visited the artefacts exhibits. They have a wonderful collection from all periods of history, including locals finds, plus stone age implements which were new to me - axe hammers.  The Saxon gold jewellery is very impressive.


  1. I Know weston park museum well as a kid i use to wonder at all the stuffed birds and hoped to see some in the wild some day, are they still there, they was a bit old then.
    Great artical i love it when you go back to my home town

    1. Thanks John, Ididn't explore much of the museum but I doubt any of the old exhibits are there. I'm looking forward to returning.


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