Tuesday 20 September 2016

Common darters and a water vole

Common Darter ♂, Sympetrum striolatum
Last night we took Jackie and Terry to the first Arundel Wetland Centre Supporters Group meeting of the season and enjoyed a talk by Ian Rumley-Sawson about Arctic Svalbard. The photo of the polar bear at the end was jaw dropping - awesome power. The walruses and arctic foxes were lovely.
  This afternoon we walked around the wetland centre and saw a heron and a kingfisher which landed on a post for one second at the Scrape Hide. A pike lurked at the side of a ditch and other visitors told us it periodically darted out to catch a small rudd. Outside the visitor centre on the boardwalk I saw male and female Common Darters and a Water Vole which scurried along under the lily bed and gave me a one second view before plunging into the reed bed.

Blushing Bracket, Daedaleopsis confragosa
Common Darter ♀, Sympetrum striolatum
Common Darter ♂
Common Darter ♂
Grey Heron, Ardea cinerea

Grey Heron

Pike, Esox lucius
Autumn colour
White Water Lily, Nymphaea alba

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