Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Moths and Bowls

Ground Weevil, Barynotus obscurus
On August 5th I did my Mill Hill transect, then visited the Steyning Bowls Club to give a short talk to the members about Sussex Search and Rescue. The Bowls Club made us their charity beneficiary for the proceeds from the day's raffle and tombola. They were a very welcoming group, I enjoyed the experience and SusSAR appreciate their support.
  Afterwards I visited Steyning Downland and found plenty of moths.
Mill Hill:
Bright Bell, Eucosma hohenwartiana
Chalk Hill Blue ♀, Polyommatus coridon
Common Blue, Polyommatus icarus
Common Carpet, Epirrhoe alternata
Mother of Pearl, Pleuroptya ruralis
Rush Veneer, Nomophila noctuella
Straw-barred Pearl, Pyrausta despicata
Wall, Lasiommata megera
Steyning Bowls Club
Common Purple and Gold, Pyrausta purpuralis
Cuckoo-pint berries, Arum maculatum
Dexter cattle
Dexter cattle
Ground Weevil, Barynotus obscurus
Harlequin Ladybird pupa, Harmonia axyridis
Harlequin Ladybird, Harmonia axyridis
Holly Blue ♀, Celastrina argiolus
Pearl Veneer, Agriphila straminella
Small Fan-footed Wave, Idaea biselata
Yellow Shell, Camptogramma bilineata

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