Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Silver-studded Blues and a Green Tiger

Silver-studded Blue ♂, Plebejus argus
On Saturday 25th June I lead nine participants on a Butterfly Conservation walk on Iping and Stedham Commons to see the Silver-studded Blues. We first visited Stedham Common and saw male SSBs and two mating pairs. One of our eagle-eyed ladies spotted a Knot Grass larva below a Four-spotted Chaser that we were watching. On Iping Common we saw many male and female SSBs. Moths seen: Common Heaths, Common Grey,  Garden Grass-veneer, Brown Silver-line and several Heather Knot-horns. A Slow-worm, a Green Tiger Beetle, three Wood Larks and a Yellow Hammer were other highlights.
 The following day I returned to Iping Common and saw plenty more SSBs plus several moths: Clouded Buff, Silver Y, Inlaid Grass-veneer and Rosy Tabby.
Iping and Stedham Commons, June 25:
Brown Silver-line, Petrophora chlorosata
Common Grey, Scoparia ambigualis
Common Heath, Ematurga atomaria
Four-spotted Chaser, Libellula quadrimaculata
Garden Grass-veneer, Chrysoteuchia culmella
Green Tiger Beetle, Cicindela campestris
Heather Knot-horn, Pempelia palumbella
Knot Grass moth larva, Acronicta rumicis
Orange Footman with deformed wing, Eilema sororcula
Silver-studded Blue  ♀, Plebejus argus
Silver-studded Blue ♀
Silver-studded Blue ♀
Silver-studded Blue ♂
Tortoise Bug, Eurygaster testudinaria
Iping Common June 26:
Clouded Buff, Diacrisia sannio
Inlaid Grass-veneer, Crambus pascuella
Ringlet, Aphantopus hyperantus
Rosy Tabby, Endotricha flammealis
Silver Y, Autographa gamma
Silver-studded Blue ♀, Plebejus argus
Silver-studded Blue ♂
Silver-studded Blue ♂
Silver-studded Blue ♂
Silver-studded Blue ♂
Silver-studded Blues mating, Plebejus argus

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